What are the Different Styles of Wedding Bands?


Picking out a wedding band shouldn’t be as difficult as picking out an engagement ring. Based on one’s personal preference, you can chose to wear the band by itself, or have it sitting flush with your engagement ring. Whichever style of band you chose to wear forever, it is important to get an understanding of different styles.

Essentially, there are 3 main styles of wedding bands: curved bands, eternity bands, and plain bands.

Curved Bands

Curved wedding bands are used when you want your wedding band to sit flush against your engagement ring. This means that your wedding ring and engagement ring will be side-by-side. Although many choose curved bands because it makes essentially a set for both your rings, it unfortunately cannot be worn alone because of the shape. Each curved band is shaped differently; the shape of the band will resemble the shape of your center diamond.


Eternity Bands

Eternity wedding bands are bands that have diamonds that encircle the entire ring. This is a popular wedding band, as many see the eternal amount of diamonds on the band to signify the eternity of their marriage. This wedding band style can be worn alone, or even in pairs. This type of band is also popular as an anniversary band, so if you decide to go for another band, you can always wear this style in the future.


Plain Bands

Plain wedding bands are commonly used when you don’t want to wear your engagement ring with your wedding band or you are looking for a more ‘simple’ look. Plain bands come in different types of metals, so it is important that you chose a wedding band with the metal that resembles your engagement ring.


Whichever wedding ring style you decide to choose, make sure that it feels comfortable and looks right with your engagement ring at http://www.motekdiamonds.com

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How Diamonds Are Polished


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Proposal Anxiety

Proposal Anxiety

Engagement Proposal Dallas

Engagement Proposal Dallas

Got Anxiety?

Sweaty palms and a racing heart with a little bit of “What the heck am doing?” are common during a proposal.  Even if the couple have discussed there future, there is something still nerve racking about getting down on one knee and presenting a gorgeous engagement ring signifying your love while asking her for a lifetime of marriage.

The good news is that you are not alone.  Millions of people each year become engaged and get married and billions have done it before you as well.  Tradition has it that a man asks for his bride-to-be’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  That alone can seem daunting too.  As you continue you will learn some tips to make your proposal as seamless as possible.

Asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage

Two hundred years ago the life expectancy of a person was 30-40.  Pretty crazy right!  In order for mankind to grow, man and woman would procreate much earlier than 2014.  It was common for 12-13 year old girls to marry and start having babies before the age of 15.  Considering that many generations lived in one house, it made sense to ask the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage for a couple of reasons.

#1 – It’s a sign of your commitment to her and you have made that vow to her father as well.

#2 – It’s respectful of her and a sign of maturity.

I know it sounds odd in this day and age, but this was the norm of society and there was nothing odd about it.  Nowadays we live so much longer that people naturally started to wait longer to get married.

1. Talk to your girlfriend first. Before you go and sit down and talk man-to-man with your potential father-in-law, make sure you and your girlfriend are on the same page as far as the whole marriage thing goes. Is she ready to commit? Does she even want to get married? If so, how soon does she want to get hitched? You don’t want to get your girlfriend’s father’s blessing to marry his daughter, just to have his daughter turn you down when you propose.

2. Try to meet him before you ask. If it’s possible, try to meet your girlfriend’s parents a few times before you decide you want to marry her. While my wife and I were dating, I had the opportunity to visit her parents on several occasions. I got to know them rather well before we got engaged. It made sitting down with her dad and discussing my wish to marry his daughter a bit easier because we had already established a relationship. Again, not all situations will allow this, but if you can, do it.

3. Sit down with him man-to-man. There are several ways you can go about this, and I think it all depends on what kind of man your girlfriend’s father is. Consider taking him out to dinner or going to a bar or coffee shop. Breaking bread with him might make the situation a bit more comfortable. If that’s not a possibility, during a visit just ask if you can speak to him in private. If her dad lives far away, try to time the conversation for a trip home which has already been planned, perhaps during the holidays. If this is not possible, it’s okay to conduct the talk over the phone.

4. Start out expressing your feelings for his daughter. I think the best way to start off the conversation is to express to the father your love and admiration for his daughter. Tell him how much she means to you. Mention some specific qualities that you love about her. He raised her, so you are really complimenting him at the same time.

5. Explain your wish to marry his daughter. Now it’s time to cut to the chase. Explain your wish to marry his daughter. Assure him that you understand the seriousness of the commitment and that being able to spend the rest of your life with his daughter would make you the happiest man in the world.

6. Promise him that you’ll take care of his daughter for the rest of her life. Put yourself in this man’s shoes. He’s been the man in her life since she was baby. He’s taken care of her since she was in diapers and only wants the best for her. He wants to know that he’s handing off his little girl to someone that will take just as good care of her as he has. Make the commitment that you’ll always honor, respect, and cherish his daughter.

7.  Respectfully ask for his blessing. Now, just request his blessing and support in you asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage.


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Diamonds – From the Ground to Your Finger

Diamonds – From the Ground to Your Finger

wholesale loose diamonds rings wedding engagement dallas

wholesale loose diamonds rings wedding engagement dallas


For centuries diamonds have fascinated mankind.  It is estimated that it takes about 3 million years to create a diamond and it might be the oldest item you own.  As we explore the process of how diamonds are formed to how they make it to market, Motek Diamonds is here to answer all of your diamond wedding ring, engagement ring, and wholesale loose diamond questions in Dallas, Texas.  www.motekdiamonds.com

How a diamond is formed

For centuries diamond clusters have been found close to the earth’s surface and dug out of the surface by early civilizations.  Until 50 years ago, we now know that diamonds are formed 60 miles beneath the surface of the earth.  Massive amounts of pressure and the incredible heat this far underground compresses pure carbon into hard geological stones.  3 million years of pressures changes the structure into rough diamonds that are forced upwards to the surface through “Kimberlite Pipes” which are a natural geological process in which gas and magma push toward the surface of the earth and can erupt like a volcano.  These “pipes” push earths inner layers toward to earth and eventually the molten magma cools leaving the rough diamonds in round columns near the earth’s crust.  Then the mining process can begin.


There are 3 stages a diamond must go through before it makes it to your jeweler.

1. Mining

Since the diamonds are in round columns of earth, most mines are circular and excavation begins from the top of the earth and slowly begins to dig down in concentric circles allowing for miners to go up and down as they please.

Industrial excavators dig up the earth and is transported away from the dig site to a place where machines sift through the earth in search of the precious stones.  If the earth is too hard, explosives are used to break up the earth enough to get the stones out.

Diamonds found in this state are called rough diamonds and are sent to diamond cutters to shape and cut the diamond into a beautiful work of art.  Some diamonds are not valuable as jewels and are sold for industrial cutting because diamonds are very very hard. You will find in your local home improvement store diamond drill bits which have diamond dust attached to the bit to make it last longer and cut through tough concrete and rocks.

wholesale loose diamonds rings wedding engagement dallas

wholesale loose diamonds rings wedding engagement dallas

2. Cutting

Rough diamonds are sent to diamond cutters in which diamonds are removed from the earth and are sorted into 5000 types.  They are examined to determine how to cut each one to get the highest value.  Skilled diamond cutters cut each diamond up to 60 times creating loose diamonds.  Loose diamonds are polished and are sold to wholesalers.

3. Wholesalers 

Diamond wholesales buy diamonds in volumes and distributes them to jewelry stores which purchase them or keep them as consignment.  In fact, Motek Diamonds was one of Dallas’ first diamond wholesalers almost 40 years ago.

4. Retail

Jewelry stores are sold at retail value and vary in price based on it’s rarity.  Colorless diamonds are the most valuable while yellow diamonds aren’t as common and are more affordable.  Most engagement rings and wedding rings have some level of yellow color but not visible to the naked eye.  www.motekdiamonds.com has been providing excellent service and dedication to the Dallas market for wedding rings, loose diamonds, and engagement rings.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Jewelry Store

What to Look for When Choosing a Jewelry Store

diamond wedding ring store dallas

Let’s face it, when someone is in the market for a diamond wedding ring or other piece of fine jewelry, there are a few things that determine where they will shop.  In this blog I address each key point to help as many people as possible find a jewelry store that meets or exceeds expectations.

How long have they been in business?

Logic follows that if a business has been around for 10-15 years that they must be doing something right because they wouldn’t be in business otherwise.  It’s fair to say that all businesses have to start somewhere however when purchasing an engagement ring or another piece of jewelry, there is a sense of security knowing that the business will be in business in another 15 years.

What do other’s have to say about them?

Reviews online and from friends go a long way in today’s media landscape.  The public reputation is a good way to see what others have to say even if you don’t know them personally.  In the book “Made To Stick” a key concept is that people inherintly tell others about their experiences with a product or company.  There is psychological reasoning that when a person buys a $50,000 car, they tell others about it to help justify their purchase.  The joy of other’s in the experience helps justify the cost.  If the person has just ONE negative experience in the buying process, their justification of $50,000 for a car can change significantly and affect what they tell their friends and family.  The same is true in diamond jewelry and wholesale loose diamonds, especially in Dallas, TX.

Do they use high pressure tactics to force a sell?

This is fairly common sense, however I want you to be aware of this.  Use your gut and intuition to help you make an educated decision.  If you don’t feel comfortable with your jeweler or feel that something is off, ask questions and get real answers.  At the end of the day you can leave and find another store.

Are the prices reasonable?

A base rule in sales is that people will buy from people they like and trust WAY more than the actual price and “deal” they are getting.  Putting emotions aside, you want to get a fair price for the jewelry you are purchasing.  The great thing about diamonds these days is that they are usually certified by an independent lab verifying authenticity and gives a better idea of it’s value.

Would you refer a friend there?

When you view the jewelry store’s website or physical location, what is your first impression?  Would you let a friend go there?  It’s kind of crazy, but we often treat ourselves worse than we treat our own friends.  Think about your first impressions more frequently and think if you would share this place with a friend?

Closing Thoughts

After several months of writing these blogs, it’s been fruitful to see people becoming more educated on diamonds.  At the end of the day, http://www.motekdiamonds.com strives to be the premier diamond wedding ring store in Dallas.  We serve the best priced wholesale diamonds and engagement rings at our jewelry store.

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Engagement Ring Trends 2014

Engagement Ring trends 2014

wedding ring trends

Brides-to-be should be excited when they plan an engagement this year because the newest are “show-stopping” to say the least. Trending in 2014 is the engagement ring with the fancy cut center diamond; this can be a princess cut, cushion or emerald cut.  The cushion-cut diamond is the one to consider as it seems to be the most popular.  Coming in second are round diamonds for the brides of 2014.  Round diamond engagement rings and round diamond wedding rings are the safest option while still being breath taking. The ring styles are also expected to differ – from vintage, to halo or solitaire style and similar.

The second trend are petite diamond engagement rings – a trend that features solitaire diamonds with petite diamond accents for a remarkable look. The result is a solitaire diamond that is highlighted by the smaller ones alongside, and since you can choose the size of the solitaire you also get a grip on the total price of the ring.

The third trend is one that I believe to be a local trend in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  This trend is for buyers to be more price conscious than ever before.  It appears that brides and grooms are going to more stores and making more of an educated decision before making their purchase.  Diamond prices may vary slightly from store to store, but most people buy from reputable stores that they trust.  www.motekdiamonds.com is Dallas’s premier jewelry store offering the best priced diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and wholesale loose diamonds.

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How to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

wedding ring and engagement ring dallas


Getting engaged and married can be a stressful time in life.  This exciting tradition is extremely emotional and there is a certain etiquette that comes with the territory.  “How do I wear my engagement ring?” or “How do I wear my engagement ring and wedding band?”


Engagement Rings

wedding rings and engagement rings dallas


Traditionally, engagement rings have a large diamond in the middle of band.  The main diamond can all by itself and is called a solitaire or can have other smaller diamonds on either side sometimes referred as a three-stone engagement ring.  There are many settings that can include a ring of small diamonds around the solitaire called a halo or the band itself can have diamonds along it.

Like the word implies, an engagement ring is given at the time of proposal and is worn by itself until the wedding.  The ring is on finger next to the pinky on the left hand called the “ring finger”.


Wedding Rings

wedding ring dallas


Wedding bands are less ornate rings that accompany the engagement ring and are often purchased as a set.  Wedding ring sets are designed to match the engagement ring guaranteeing a beautiful set for a lifetime.

The wedding band is given at the wedding ceremony and is always put on first, before the engagement ring.  This symbolizes the commitment at the ceremony and it thus always wore closer to the heart.


Only One Ring?

It is more and more common (and budget friendly) to only buy one ring that doubles for both purposes.  This is completely acceptable and isn’t a problem.  Remember guys, it’s always a good thing to please your lady, so if she REALLY wants a wedding ring set, get it for her, even if you don’t understand why.


Other Considerations

This is a lifetime decision so take your time in choosing the right ring design and diamond.  The process can seem daunting and overwhelming and that’s why http://www.motekdiamonds.com is here to help.  We serve Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding cities by providing the best wedding ring buying experience.  Motek Diamonds has over 40 years of experience in making couples dreams a reality.  We carry wedding rings, engagement rings, and the largest selection of wholesale diamonds in Dallas.


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